Task Force on Children’s Preventive Oral Health Services

The NCIOM Task Force on Children’s Preventive Oral Health Services was a collaborative effort between the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation, the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance (DMA), and the Oral Health Section (OHS) of the North Carolina Division of Public Health. The NCIOM convened the task force in response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services's call for every state to develop a plan to increase the proportion of children ages 1-20 enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP who receive any preventive dental services and the proportion of children ages 6-9 who receive a dental sealant on a permanent molar tooth by 10 percentage points over 5 years.

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Task Force Leadership

All Members


Mark Casey, DDS, MPH

Dental Director, Division of Medical Assistance

North Carolina Department of Human Services

Frank Courts, DDS


Physicians Advisory Group Dental Committee

Marian F. Earls, MD, FAAP

Lead Pediatric Consultant

Community Care of North Carolina

Project Director

Yorkery Headshot

Berkeley Yorkery, MPP

Project Director

North Carolina Institute of Medicine

Meeting Dates

December 2012 - May 2013

Task Force meeting dates, agendas, and additional materials.


In FY 2011, approximately 1 million children (ages 1-20) received Medicaid and almost 210,000 children received Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP or NC Health Choice) in North Carolina. Only 17% of Medicaid-eligible children ages 6-9 received a sealant on any of their permanent molars. Approximately 38% of children covered by NC Health Choice received a preventive dental service in FY 2011.

The task force worked with DMA to develop recommendations to meet the following goals: