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2020 Update on Implementation of Recommendations from 2013 Report on the Affordable Care Act

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Shaping Policy for a Healthier State

The North Carolina Institute of Medicine, NCIOM, is an independent organization focused on improving the health and well-being of North Carolinians by providing analysis on the health and well-being of North Carolinians, identifying solutions to the health issues facing our state, building consensus toward evidence-based solutions, and informing health policy at the state and local level.

We bring together diverse stakeholders to develop solutions to the complex health problems in North Carolina.

The NCIOM’s task forces and other projects, including the NCMJ, have led to sustained improvements in the health and well-being of North Carolinians.

Current Work

Collaborating for a Healthier North Carolina

The NCIOM addresses the health needs of North Carolinians by working with stakeholder groups to identify evidence-based strategies to improve health and inform health policy.

Current Task Force

Carolinas Pandemic Preparedness Task Force

The challenges of illness, job loss, isolation, economic distress, and educational interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the need to develop consensus-driven and actionable recommendations to support timely, coordinated response efforts and address community resilience. Starting in July 2021, the North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) and the South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health (IMPH) will be convening a joint task force to assess lessons learned during the first year of the current pandemic and develop consensus on actionable recommendations for resilient response.

Current Task Force

North Carolina COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee

The North Carolina Institute of Medicine is serving as a convening organization for the NC COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee, bringing together stakeholders that include public health experts, health care providers, advocacy organization leaders, and representatives of essential workers and at-risk populations. The NC COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee is charged with providing feedback on the operationalizing of the state’s plan for ordering, allocating, distributing, and communicating about the vaccine, especially with regard to prioritized and critical populations.

Current Task Force

Task Force on Maternal Health

The North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services established the Task Force on Maternal Health to bring together stakeholders and experts from across North Carolina to identify evidence-based solutions to best improve maternal health outcomes and to guide and develop a Maternal Health Strategic Plan for the state. 

Current Task Force

Essentials for Childhood Backbone Organization

The Division of Public Health, under the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, has been funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop and implement a public health framework for child maltreatment prevention since 2013. As a partner in this initiative, the North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) convened the Task Force on Essentials for Childhood in 2014 – 2015, which issued recommendations to stakeholders in four areas with the goal of ensuring safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments to strengthen families and prevent child maltreatment. Since 2016, the NCIOM has served as the backbone organization to support the implementation of the 2015 task force recommendations by coordinating aligned work across subcontractors/partners, convening a series of workgroups, and participating in several other statewide initiatives to ensure that the recommendations are included in new and ongoing work. In 2019, the North Carolina Essentials for Childhood project announced a new focus on strategies addressing social norms change and economic supports for families (specifically centered around family-friendly workplace policies).

North Carolina Medical Journal

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50 Years of Public Health in North Carolina: Celebrating Achievements and Preparing for the Challenges Ahead

Current Issue May 10, 2021

In the Issue

At the turn of this century, historians and scholars looked back to celebrate the public health accomplishments of the previous 100 years. In this issue of the journal, we bridge two centuries to look at 50 years of public health achievement, threat, and opportunity in our own state of North Carolina.

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