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Shaping Policy for a Healthier State

The North Carolina Institute of Medicine, NCIOM, is an independent organization focused on improving the health and well-being of North Carolinians by providing analysis on the health and well-being of North Carolinians, identifying solutions to the health issues facing our state, building consensus toward evidence-based solutions, and informing health policy at the state and local level.

We bring together diverse stakeholders to develop solutions to the complex health problems in North Carolina.

The NCIOM’s task forces and other projects, including the NCMJ, have led to sustained improvements in the health and well-being of North Carolinians.

Current Work

Collaborating for a Healthier North Carolina

The NCIOM addresses the health needs of North Carolinians by working with stakeholder groups to identify evidence-based strategies to improve health and inform health policy.

Current Task Force

Task Force on Healthy Aging

The population aged 65 and over in North Carolina is expected to grow more than 60% by 2037. With this growing population, and spotlights that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on the needs of older adults living in the community, NCIOM is excited to convene this task force to identify policies and practices to make North Carolina a great place to grow older. This work will focus on four specific topics related to aging in the community setting - social connections, falls prevention, food and nutrition security, and mobility.

Social isolation is an issue that has long been known as a risk factor for dementia, heart disease, stroke, premature death of all causes, and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and suicide in older adults. The pandemic has highlighted challenges that many older adults have in accessing needed services to support healthy nutrition. There is also a growing need for attention to the development of communities and homes that provide a safe environment for mobility and falls prevention. Through this task force, state and local leaders will work together to develop comprehensive recommendations for these complex health challenges.

Current Task Force

Supporting Local Planning for Substance Use Disorder and Overdose Prevention Strategies

The North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) is supporting county and regional multi-sector planning around substance use disorder and overdose prevention strategies in anticipation of forthcoming opioid settlement funds. Since July 2021, the NCIOM has engaged in several key activities, including the development of a learning collaborative process that will bring county-level stakeholders together to connect and align, conducting key perspective interviews, focus groups, and listening sessions to ensure inclusivity and understanding of the impacts of substance use disorders and overdose in communities across the state, and convening the leaders of several workstreams related to the opioid settlement to promote coordination.

Current Task Force

Legislative Health Policy Fellows Program

Current Task Force

Future of Local Public Health in North Carolina

The Task Force on the Future of Local Public Health in North Carolina will identify specific and actionable recommendations to move the state from a consensus around the urgent need for investment in local public health to a plan for targeted investments and measurable outcomes to modernize the role and performance of local public health in North Carolina.

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Clinical Care in North Carolina

Current Issue May 5, 2022

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This issue focuses on policy, programs, data, and outcomes related to the uninsurance rate, primary care clinician ratio, access to early prenatal care, and suicide rate in North Carolina. Read the articles in this issue to learn more about the Healthy NC 2030 initiative, and see how people across NC are moving its work forward.

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