North Carolina Health Data


North Carolina County Health Data

Check out the health and well-being of North Carolina's counties using our interactive map providing health data by county, as well as county health profiles for each county. Data include demographics, population, employment, income, health insurance, health care workforce, health care utilization, health status and more.

Uninsured Snapshots

Uninsured snapshots provide an overview of the uninsured

population in North Carolina. Learn about the characteristics of

the state's uninsured, trends over time, and the factors underlying changes in the number of uninsured.


Health Care Primers

Health care primers provide non-technical overviews of various parts of the health care system, major stakeholders, and terminology used in health policy discussions in North Carolina.

Child Health Report Card

The North Carolina Child Health Report Card provides data on more than 50 indicators of child health and well-being. Learn about the status of the states 2.3 million children and their families.



Where to Find NC Health Data

Looking for data on health in North Carolina? The Health Data Resource Guide provides links to sources for state and local data.

Running the Numbers

Running the Numbers is a feature in the NCMJco-published by the NCIOM, that looks at current topics in North Carolina health statistics.

Guide to Accountable Care Communities

Partnering to Improve Health: A Guide to Starting an Accountable Care Community provides information for those thinking about developing an Accountable Care Community model for community partnership to address the drivers of health.

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