Report Cover: NC Latino Health, 2003

NC Latino Health: A Report of the NCIOM Latino Health Task Force

Published February 1, 2003

NCIOM Task Force on Latino Health


The NCIOM Latino Health Task Force reviewed the major health and health care problems facing the North Carolina Latino community, and identified public and private sector initiatives that can be undertaken to address these concerns.


In addition to recommendations about expanding the availability of bilingual and multicultural providers, the task force made recommendations to expand the availability of primary care, behavioral health, and dental resources; remove barriers that deter families from applying for Medicaid, NC Health Choice, and other publicly funded programs; provide meaningful workers’ compensation for migrant and seasonal farmworkers, develop leadership within the Latino community to address health issues; address the issue of health literacy, including the lack of understanding of the U.S. health system; and ensure that the state has adequate data to monitor health disparities and health access of the Latinos living and working in the state.