Communities Across the State Provide Input for Healthy North Carolina 2030 Goals

Blog | May 20, 2019


Written by Chloe Donohoe 


This spring, the NCIOM, in partnership with the Division of Public Health, hosted 8 community input sessions around North Carolina. Facilitators visited Greenville, Henderson, Pembroke, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Cherokee, and Marion. These community sessions provided critical input to the Healthy North Carolina 2030 project. A total of 340 participants attended, representing 71 counties in North Carolina. For more about the structure and importance of these meetings, click here.


Participants reviewed health measures related to Physical Environment, Social and Economic Factors, Health Behaviors, and Clinical Care, evaluating them for their importance in the context of their home communities. They were also asked to share any important issues in their community that were missing from the list. While there was a fair amount of agreement across communities on the top two indicators in each category, there were differences in rankings and in the identified “missing” indicators. Results from each community and notes from their discussions can be found in the meeting summaries here.


Votes from all 340 participants were tallied to get the rankings across communities:


Lists of social and economic indicators and health behavior indicators

The next step of the Healthy North Carolina 2030 project is for project members to consider this community input as they select the final list of 20 population health indicators for Healthy North Carolina 2030.