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NewsFeaturedNewsNewsPress Release | March 23, 2018

Duke Doctors Consider When the Cost of Care Becomes Toxic

Can the cost of health care be bad for you? In the January/February issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal, Drs. Caroline Sloan and S. Yousuf Zafar at Duke University examine the “financial toxicity” of cancer care in an article titled, “Ask Early and Ask Often: How Discussing Costs Could Save Your Patient’s Life.”

NewsFeaturedNewsNewsPress Release | March 21, 2018

North Carolina Medicaid Spending on Over-65 Population Could Top $6 Billion by 2037

The population of North Carolina citizens aged 65 and older is growing fast, and that means a heftier price tag for health care in the near future. Medicaid’s bill for North Carolinians 65 and older could almost triple to $6 billion in 2037.

NewsFeaturedNewsNewsPress Release | March 8, 2018

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Seeks to Address Social Determinants of Health

Melanie Bush, deputy director of the Division of Medical Assistance, writes in the current issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal that annual national health care expenditures exceed $3 trillion each year, but the U.S. experiences the highest infant mortality rate and higher rates of chronic disease than its international peers.