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NewsFeaturedNewsNewsPress Release | May 2, 2018

Health Care Systems Must Rethink Approach to Domestic Violence: Experts

Domestic violence is the primary form of trauma experienced by children in North Carolina’s welfare system, but responses to this problem vary in philosophy, focus and funding.

NewsFeaturedNewsNewsPress Release | April 26, 2018

The Case for Naming Poverty an Adverse Childhood Experience

More than one in five North Carolina children experience poverty, which can lead to a higher likelihood of incarceration and exposure to violence later in life. Children who grow up without enough food or shelter are also less likely to be employed and less likely to have health insurance. All of which are reasons to consider poverty an adverse childhood experience.

NewsFeaturedNewsNewsPress Release | April 5, 2018

Cumberland County Tackles Child Abuse with Innovative Prevention Plan

Child abuse and neglect impact tens of thousands of North Carolina children each year, with the effects ranging from toxic stress to death. Even when the worst doesn’t happen, the consequences of child abuse can impact a child and his or her family and community for the rest of their lives, as evidenced by research into adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).